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I have been sick of being scammed by blogs and ptc which are false and doesn't pay . So i thought why not make a blog where i can post only genuine ways to earn online. We cannot get rich overnight through internet, if someone says so then he is making you a fool. Never pay for any site which wants fees for giving you work.Keep your mind and eyes wide open. I only post those sites which i have tried and they all have given me payouts.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

New Trusted Way To Earn -- Micro PTC

Earning via ptc is not so easy as every other day there is new ptc becoming scam but still some ptc still remains like neobux, clixsense, buxp , bux-matrix. These comes in elite ptc sites list as they have been paying over 3 years.

But if you look from ptc owners whose ptc have become scam point of view then its was predictable from them to become scams. Very less members invest in upgrading and renting referrals nowadays.Very less people buy ads in ptc . so profit is less , its more of loss , this way how long a ptc is gonna survive , owners can't keep paying by their own pocket for long. So now the concept of micro ptc have been introduced. neobux has also turned into micro ptc to help them stabilize the site so they can keep continuing to pay its member.In micro ptc the ad is not worth a .01 but are worth .001 cent.
These micro ptc sure does pay less but as their ads packages are cheap so people buy ads there so lots of ads to click, it helps in stabilizing the site and keep them running for long time and never let them become scams. Most micro ptc have no minimum to 10 cent max payout amount.They pay instantly or within 48 hours to max. The best thing about them is their payout time which is instant and also payout is low too.Some of the best Micro ptc are these -->

Cashnhits been paying since 2 years.

Scarlet-clicks has also been paying since 2009 and payout is only 10 cent.

Cashadda is over 3 months and payout is instant and only 2 cent.

Najobux paid me thrice and payout in no minimum and instant.

Payout is only 10 cent and instant.

Payout is set at 10 cent here.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Today i got paid again by gomez peer -My march Peer payment proof


Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Have Been Paid to Simply Chat

When it comes to writing article or anything associated with writing long paragraphs i simply dread it because truthfully i suck at writing. I keep on making mistake with spelling and most importantly my mind simply blocks when i search for topics to write. just a month ago a friend recommended a chat site which pays simply to chat. so far i have been paid four times by it and to prove it i will simply attach my payment proofs here.

Earning easy doesn't get better than this , just chat, make new friends and earn. You also earn by playing game on this site as i am bad at playing game so i stick to chatting and earning.
Here is my payment proofs

Click the banner to join


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best PTR's In Online Earning Business

Just two days ago i was feeling very low.Sometimes in life a stage comes when feel very lonely and quite low but i am feeling better now because of my friend of mylot who always lift my spirits up.Ever since i had been in online earning business i have seen many scams,many sites going down.HYIP's are one of the biggest scams.
Most of people in online earning business know the best ptc(paid to click) program is neobux and nowadays onbux is taking the second spot.But the rarely talked programs are PTR's(paid to read emails) program which also are a good way of earning but scams are here also.Two of my favorite PTR's programs are and are paying from a long time and they offer paid to read emails and paid to click ads too so now people can earn more.Payout in is $1 but one has to wait for a week to get money in their account as payout process is manual there whereas payout is $2 and instant.But both are legit and paying sites. For any query about these two, just drop me a comment.

MatrixMails - Get paid No Minimum Payout


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh My Gosh I Got Paid Again !

This week had been very lucky for me.First i came back on earning online scene this week only and got know that neobux still pays which is awesome.I went to my favorite site mylot - the most happening online place to start a discussion and learn from fellow mylotters about new earning online ways, advices , even get to know about scams and make some awesome friends.One such friend i made on mylot is serginho77 (that's his username not real name).He introduced me to a ptc site which is free to join and cashout even at 2 cents that too instantly.I got paid again today.Lots of ads to click and get paid instantly.Check it out yourself

Thanks a lot serginho77.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cash Gopher Vs Gomez Peer

First of all people who don't know what these two are i am going to explain them.Actually these two sites lets you download their software which pays you .It's easy, just install the software be sure to enter correct information such as country, user-name and start earning for using internet.You must be they paying you just to use internet which you daily do Actually these software test a wide range of Web-based applications - from high-traffic portals and e-commerce vendors, to news and content sites, to Intranet applications. As a result, your PC will "visit" a variety of sites (Don't worry it wouldn't slow your pc or open web pages in front of you). These application are designed to accurately test Web performance without hindering the performance of your PC - no content will be stored on your computer.

Now moving on to the main topic.Both Cash Gopher(this is Mylot's site) and Gomez Peer are good and paying sites.
In earning Cash Gopher is quite slow and the way its earning i think i will take me a year to reach payout.Cash Gopher's Minimum payout is $10. There is one more problem it displays ads whenever i surf any website continuously reminding me its presence which really irritates me but i am patient person and the ads are not pop ups just small in bottom of the site.

Gomez peer wins my votes though it never displays ads or interrupt me when i am surfing so i hardly notice its presence.Earnings are much more faster than Cash Gopher and the best point is its minimum payout is $5.Though you have to wait to get active in Gomez Peer but the patience pays in a very good way in this site.

Conclusion - What the heck man i am getting paid to just use internet so i will be active in both programs because both pays. You can join both because you are not doing anything to earn here. Just install the software and let it work for you.
To join Cash Gopher click here -> Cash Gopher
To join Gomez Peer click here -> Gomez Peer
Happy Earnings.


Monday, January 24, 2011


I am using it myself on my blog.Ask2link website paid me even when i was not active on my blog but sure i had to work hard on page ranking before submitting my blog to this site.I used to have Page ranking of 2 that time.Ask2link website pays as per your page ranking but don't worry its minimum requirement is that you should at least have page ranking of 1.I can help you with increasing your blog ranking ranking too.It display text ad and they just give money to use a small space in your blog to display ad.No headache of "i will earn only when someone clicks my ad". Isn't it awesome.They accept people all around the world and the best thing is that they have a no minimum payment system.You get paid on 1st of every month and it doesn't matter how much you have must have a paypal account though.Ask2Link enables you to monetize your blog by selling non-intrusive Text Links Ads. By inserting their ad code on your blog, you can sell text links ads on your blog. They handle the billing, payments, and ad-serving so you don't have to worry about those things. You can set your own price. Ask2Link focuses on marketing and advertiser hand-holding so you don't need to.

They pay every 1st of the month to your PayPal account and unlike other networks, we have no minimum payout. This means that you will get your paycheck every 1st of the month, even when your balance is only $1.00 dollar or lower.Feel free to ask any question about it to me.Click the banner to join.

Earn money from your website/blog. Get paid through PayPal


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